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About us

  Luofu Mountain is also known as Dongqiao Mountain, a national 5A-level scenic spot, and one of the ten famous Daoist mountains in China. It is the seventh of the ten major caves of Taoism and the thirty-fourth of the seventy-two blessings . It is known as the first mountain in Lingnan. Known for its medicine market, the historian Sima Qian of the Han Dynasty once compared Luofu Mountain to "Yueyue". During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Ge Hong, the originator of Chinese pharmacology, used Alchemy Medicine to help the world practice medicine. He left many valuable pharmacological works and was regarded as "Ge Xian" by later generations. Since the Luofu Mountain Mountains grow more than 1,000 rare and precious Chinese medicinal materials, it is also known as the "Dongtian Medicine Depot ".

  Guangdong Gexiantang Health Co., Ltd. is located under Luofu Mountain. The company was founded in 2000 and has a history of more than ten years. Relying on Luofu Mountain's unique advantages of Chinese herbal medicine plant resources, the company pioneered the creation of health foods with Lingnan characteristics represented by plant nutrition and herbal health products in the country, and advocated the concept of healthy life of medicine and food homology and green health. The products are deeply loved by consumers and have been rated as a famous food production enterprise in Guangdong Province.

  The company takes "liyelilide, luck and prosperity" as the corporate philosophy, emphasizes internal integrity management and external integrity management of the enterprise, continuously strengthens product quality management and new product development, so that the company's product research and development, reserve and innovation are fully guaranteed and established A good corporate reputation. At present, the company owns a series of well-known brands such as Ge Xiantang, Shuangmei Shuang and Le Belle.

  The company has a complete product development and quality assurance system, and is willing to join hands with friends from all walks of life to create a new world of health.