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About us

Mr. Lai Zhongliang, the founder of Lai's Wanfangge, the originator of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, a Chinese herbalist, and an expert in medicine and food homology.

  The 62-year-old Lai Zhongliang is from Guangdong Boluo, chairman of Guangdong Gexiantang Health Co., Ltd., and chairman of Guangdong Laishi Wanfangge Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

  Mr. Lai Zhongliang has a long-standing hobby: collecting traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, and then carefully studying these prescriptions, through the perfect combination of modern advanced production technology and traditional ancient methods, to produce medicinal food homogenous foods suitable for consumers. Over the past few decades, Mr. Lai Zhongliang has collected more than 3,000 traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and produced more than 100 kinds of medicinal and edible foods. He deeply realized that the true inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine should not only work hard from the prescription, but also to innovate in the way of inheritance.These prescriptions are valuable treasures left by ancient medical practitioners. After thousands of generations passed down to the present, he hopes that through the innovative research and development of medicine and food homologous foods, these good classic prescriptions can continue to be passed on and help more Modern people improve their physical condition every day, prolong their health and vitality, and truly improve their quality of life.

  Mr. Lai Zhongliang found that due to the influence of Chinese medicine culture faults, most of the ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions were scattered among the people and were not valued. If they are not collected and protected, most of them may be taken away by other countries for research or lost directly. After participating in the work, Mr. Lai Zhongliang began to consciously collect traditional Chinese medicine.

  Every time he travels or travels, and has time to spare, Mr. Lai Zhongliang either plunges into the antique market or old bookstore, or visits local famous Chinese medicine doctors to find the old prescriptions scattered in the folk. One year, Lai Zhongliang bought a "Clinical Guideline Medical Case" by Ye Gui, a famous Chinese medicine practitioner in the Qing Dynasty, from the antiques market in Hangzhou, which detailed the life-long practice of Ye Gui's traditional Chinese medicine. He stunned and loved the book even more.

  In the collection of recipes, several recipes made his eyes shine, and research and development inspiration emerged.

  One is Ge Hong's Huang Jing Bu Yang Decoction. Mr. Lai Zhongliang accidentally discovered that when he compiled Ge Hong's Chinese medicine classics, Lai President officially launched Huang Jing wolfberry mulberry tea according to the original formula after several years of innovation and development.

  The other is a genuine Ye Gui prescription he found in the antiques market on a business trip in Hangzhou. According to legend, it is a secret recipe for Yang Guifei's stay and beauty, which has a special effect on women's nourishing yin and beauty. Mr. Lai Zhongliang created Ejiao ginger jujube tea after several years of research and development according to the original formula, with the trade name: Ge Xiantang.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is the essence of China, broad and profound, and Mr. Lai Zhongliang prepared for the promoters-to organize and collect traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, inherit and promote the traditional Chinese medicine culture, be kind to the world, and benefit the public. The platform was formally established. Mr. Lai Zhongliang hoped that through the establishment of "Lai. Wanfang Pavilion", people of insight from all walks of life would be gathered to work together to contribute to the inheritance of Chinese medicine culture and the development of the Taikang industry.


  Health and future

  Health is the foundation of a quality life, health is the source of family happiness, health is the foundation of social harmony, and health is the capital that embraces everything in the future. I have always focused on my health career.

  Man is a natural person. Man and nature coexist harmoniously, and nature gives people infinite strength. I firmly believe that plant nutrition, medicine and food homology will eventually become the normal state of health.

  Regardless of the wind and rain, regardless of difficulties and obstacles, regardless of policy changes, regardless of industry ordeal, I am as always and unswerving!

  Thanks for all the suffering

  Thanks for all the trust and support

  Thank you for the profound culture of Chinese medicine for thousands of years

  Thank you Ge Xiantang for your growth.

  Wish everyone a healthy and beautiful future!


It is a blessing to prosperity.