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About us


  Boro Luofushan Shuangmei Shuang Health Food Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Guangdong Gexiantang Health Co., Ltd.) was established. Registered Shuangmeishuang trademark, production and sales of Shuangmeishuangjinmei throat treasure products, products are sold throughout the country.


  Ge Xiantang brand registration, production and sales of Shuangmei Shuang brand series of tablets, Shuangmei Shuang brand series of ordinary granule herbal tea, Ge Xiantang sugar-free tea bags, Ge Xiantang series of health particles. Jinmei Qingyan lozenges are approved as health food.


  Purchase land to build production plants.

  The new plant was completed and put into production.


  Ge Xiantang's honey loquat particles were rated as "Guangdong Food Cultural Heritage".


  After five years of market research and research, the Ge Xian Tang series of ginger teas was launched.


  Ge Xiantang series of ginger tea won the title of excellent brand product in Guangdong food industry.


  The Ge Hong Museum was inaugurated, and Ge Xiantang entered the Ge Hong Museum simultaneously.


  The company was officially renamed: Guangdong Gexiantang Health Co., Ltd. Ge Xiantang continued to win the title of Guangdong Famous Brand in the Food Industry.